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8553 Blundstone RotoFlex Safety Unisex Zip Sided Stone

Lightweight safety meets on-trend style in the stone
nubuck #8553. With a design focused on cushioning at
every element, this composite toe cap boot is built for
all-day comfort.

• Stone water-resistant nubuck leather upper safety boot—135mm height
• 6 eyelet lace up with unique metal free, friction resistant lace rings
• Laces are manufactured from recycled PET
• Durable, heavy duty zip with industrial grade zip fastener
• New lining made from recycled PET offers moisture wicking and long lasting performance
• Streamlined TPU toe guard for added leather protection
INFINERGY® —E-TPU, a super elastic energy foam that is soft but resilient, providing enhanced cushioning
and reducing the impact of every step.
GRIPTEK HD® —biomechanically designed TPU outsole designed for optimum grip and stability.
- abrasion resistant and heat resistant to 140˚C
- oil, acid and organic fat resistant
- highly resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack

FORTALITE® —broad fitting compression-resistant composite toe cap provides safety without the weight.
Tested to resist a 200 joule impact.
AIRCELL® —uniquely constructed zoned airflow footbed is designed with specialised breathing channels
to activate ventilation, moisture control and provide full-body cushioned comfort.
The footbed is anti-bacterial, washable and breathable.
SOFTCELL®—the overarching comfort system utilising a combination of specialist materials and the unique
biomechanical foot-cradling design to increase stability, balance, comfort and manoeuvrability. Designed to
reduce the risk of trip, slips and falls.

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